Famous Monsters of Filmland and Rocky Horror have a lot in common: mainly, they are both born out of love of science fiction and horror B movies of the 40s through the 70s!

What sets your live show apart from other Rocky Horror productions?


We are not a shadow cast! A shadow cast Rocky Horror is where the movie is played behind the characters onstage and the songs are lipsynched. Our Rocky Horror production is the fully staged, sung, and costumed musical, and is all performed on our monolith of a video wall. We have no tangible set – all of our scene and song settings are animated and played through our video wall. Believe me, it pushes the actors in ways we never expected. Now we have to compete with upstaging this giant video wall and the awesome animations being played.


Audience participation?


You gotta improv and be on your toes for the right moment! We consider our audience members part of the show, and to that end, we need our audiences to be improv stars and Mystery Science Theater aficionados! If you can make our actors laugh mid-scene, you officially win the night.


Are there any can’t-miss moments fans should get excited for when they see it at Famous Monsters Halloween Convention?


We are creating some very fun surprises for our convention fans only! You do not want to miss our killer band, wicked video set, and some of the most stunning actor/singers we have had the pleasure of working with. Things are going to get pretty steamy…

A Rocky Horror performance like no other! See Rocky Horror Show Live’s Broadway-style concert with live acting and singing by a production company that’s been putting on their version of the cult classic for over 20 years!