Remembering George A. Romero

Honoring the late George A. Romero, “father of the zombie film” and creator and director of the iconic “Living Dead” horror movies, with cast members of DAWN OF THE DEAD and DAY OF THE DEAD as well as panels and a VIP tribute! More Info

Rocky Horror Show: Live

A Rocky Horror performance like no other! See Rocky Horror Show: Live’s Broadway-style show with live acting and singing by a production company that’s been putting on their version of the cult classic for over 20 years. More Info

100th Anniversary House of Westmore

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the House of Westmore, Hollywood’s royal family of special effects makeup. With appearances by Academy Award winner Michael Westmore Sr., maestro of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION’s SFX makeup and artist mentor on SyFy’s hit series FACE OFF. More Info

SCARE CO Haunted House

You’re not ready for this haunted house! ScareCo is bringing Hollywood quality effects and makeup, in addition to talented actors and one-of-a-kind scares, all packaged into a young-adult friendly attraction. More Info

Bernal Scream Voodoo House

Bernal Scream and Dead Time Dreams have teamed up to bring us a voodoo-themed haunt! You won’t be in your world anymore, but the world of the old bayou voodoo, filled with screams of the dying. More Info

Haruo Nakajima Tribute

Remembering the late Haruo Nakajima, the original Godzilla suit actor, who went on to play the King of the Monsters ten more times, as well as many other kaiju. Famous Monsters will honor his life with panels and a special VIP tribute. More Info

Napa Ghost Tours

Listen to the dead and feel their presence as Napa Ghost Tours walks you through their displays of haunted artifacts. Learn about the dark history of Wine Country as you watch a reenactment of the execution of the serial killer Billy Roe! More Info

Halloween Costume Contest

What would Halloween be without an epic costume? Get your freaky dress on and celebrate all weekend with us! Kids can even partake in safe trick-or-treating practices and win prizes throughout the weekend.

Table Top Gaming

Bring your cards. Bring your dice. Make some friends. All at the tabletop gaming area, where there will be Magic: The Gathering, Call of Cthulhu, and more familiar favorites. For beginners and hardcore players alike! More Info

VIP Dinner

Dine in style with our special Saturday evening VIP event! You’ll eat alongside celebrity guests and be the audience for a special awards ceremony. Wined, dined, and entertained — there’s no better way to spend a Saturday night!

…More, Coming Soon!

And for our youngest attendees… and those who are young at heart

Trick or Treat Candy Trail

Follow the trail of sweets… Visit participating vendors inside the exhibit hall for the best trick-or-treating of the year!


Kids will gather in full force for this story time circle. We’ve got inflatables and creepy tales (marshmallows anyone?!)

Halloween Costume Contest

Come one, come all, to the Halloween costume contest designed especially for kids! (That means no grown-ups will be there to ruin the fun with their super complicated armor and stuff.)

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FAMOUS MONSTERS is throwing the Halloween Bash of the year! Mingle with cult film stars, moan around in monster gear, have a meeting of the minds with your favorite artist, or just sit back and take in the fun (...err, chaos). We’re also planning a few surprises based on original material from American Gothic Press that should scare you witless! It’s a Monster World out there, and you can find the best of it at FM’s Halloween Convention.