Bobby Clark‘s career in the movie business started in the late 1960s when he worked as an extra. He soon graduated to actor/stuntman and appeared in television and motion pictures for the next 30 plus years. In 1967, he was hired to work on STAR TREK (the Original Series), and his claim to fame has become the very popular episode “Arena”, when Captain Kirk is transported to a planet to battle the lizard-like Gorn captain to the death. Clark played the Gorn captain and also appeared in three other episodes: “The Apple”, “Return of the Archons”, and “Mirror, Mirror”.

Although Clark is semi-retired from show business, he still makes public appearances and attends “Trekkie” conventions across the US, Australia, and Europe. His next stop is the Famous Monsters Halloween Convention, joining STAR TREK makeup artist Michael Westmore and STAR TREK: DISCOVERY actor Doug Jones!

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