Doug Bradley’s mark on the horror community can be summed up by simply stating the name of his character:


Need we say more?

Bradley, born in England, grew up buddies with Clive Barker, and their friendship grew to collaboration – first in the theater, then in screenplays, and ultimately film, when Barker directed 1987’s game-changing HELLRAISER. And although his Pinhead persona did not appear on screen until close to the end of the first film, Bradley become so synonymous with the franchise that he has been used as the mascot and cover image for every subsequent HELLRAISER film, comic book, and video game.

Of course, Bradley’s acting career does not start and end with one character; he has appeared in many horror films throughout his career, and lent his thundering voice to countless video games and narrations. And with 2017 marking the 30th anniversary of the original HELLRAISER, there is no better time to celebrate Bradley’s achievements in the horror world.

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