Emily Perkins has enjoyed the kind of cult status that comes from starring in one of the most popular and acclaimed werewolf movies of the modern era: GINGER SNAPS (2000), a bizarre and creepy look at monster transformation in terms of female puberty that resonated with teenage girls as well as underground horror fans of all demographics. Perkins also appeared in the film’s two sequels: GINGER SNAPS 2: UNLEASHED (2004) and GINGER SNAPS BACK: THE BEGINNING (2004).

However, this was hardly Perkins’ first foray into horror, as one of her first roles was as the 12 year old Beverly Marsh in the acclaimed IT mini-series starring Tim Curry! With brand new film adaptations hitting the market, interest in the classic Stephen King tale has surged.

Perkins’ other genre credits include roles on fan favorite SUPERNATURAL, THE TWILIGHT ZONE reboot, and even THE X-FILES in 1998. Having started her career so young, Perkins is sure to be entertaining monster fans for years to come!

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