(1940 – 2017)

Romero’s influence on the pop culture world is nearly incalculable. NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, DAWN OF THE DEAD, and DAY OF THE DEAD are unique and unchallenged studies of a world overtaken by shuffling, flesh-eating zombies in three separate generations. His films always reveal grave truths about humanity and are stunningly crafted and intelligent alongside inventive special effects. Every story about a zombie apocalypse owes something to him, from 28 DAYS LATER to THE WALKING DEAD to the recent Korean phenomenon TRAIN TO BUSAN. His lesser known work like MARTIN and KNIGHT RIDERS overturned notions of what a genre film could be, while Romero’s low-budget methods have inspired countless young film lovers to head into the wilderness with nothing but a camera and a bit of fake blood.

Come celebrate George A. Romero’s legacy with FM this Halloween.

We’ve got special guests, tribute panels, and in honor of the “Godfather of the Dead”, a zombie experience that will scare you witless!