Get the most immersive horror experience possible!

Get the most immersive horror experience possible!

Think you’ve seen it all when it comes to haunts? Think again. New VR technology enables you to hop right into scenes of demons and zombies, and at the Famous Monsters Halloween convention, you can try each of four new game demos for FREE!

Bay Area Virtual Reality Expo invites the public to experience the wizardry of VR, AR, and MR. From entertainment to medicine, from real estate to education, VR is at the precipice of enriching every part of our lives — including horror entertainment! BAVRX invites you to meet the innovative men and women who will bring your ideas to life.

Over 1,200 people have experienced VR for the first time at the Virtual World Arcade in San Jose. Virtual Reality systems are still expensive for the mass consumer, and this is where location-based VR entertainment becomes more relevant. It is inexpensive and gets players access to the latest cable-less VR backpack and head-mounted gear. Virtual World Arcade is BAVRX’s special guest at the Famous Monsters Halloween VR Pavilion, and they are bringing demos of four brand new games: HELL DIMENSION, AFFECTED: THE MANOR, PRISMBREAK, and THE BROOKHAVEN EXPERIMENT!


Did you know?

BAVRX and Virtual World Arcade are providing each guest with ONE (1) free trial of each game, but with an UNLIMITED VR Pass for $30, not only can you demo the games as many times as you want, you also get a 30-day pass to experience VR (almost) endlessly at Virtual World Arcade’s San Jose location!

Why stop with one trial?

Trust us, after you see the trailers below, you’re going to want to play these games as much as humanly possible…

Buy your unlimited VR pass here!



Prismbreak VR

The Brookhaven Experiment 

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