Horror iconography is unique in its ability to create a star from a single breakout role, and perhaps no one knows this better than RE-ANIMATOR star Jeffrey Combs, whose turn as Dr. Herbert West in the Stuart Gordon film propelled him into the halls of cult movie lore. RE-ANIMATOR has taken on a life of its own, spawning comic books and even a stage musical. And although he starred in the sequel and continues to be recognized for the role, Combs is incredibly versatile, and the neurotic madman is hardly the only trick he has up his sleeve.

Combs has become a massive presence with a devoted fan following, particularly among fans of H.P. Lovecraft, as several other Lovecraft film adaptations can thank Combs for their existence (including FROM BEYOND and LURKING FEAR). Combs continues to work with director Stuart Gordon on projects such as MASTERS OF HORROR, and recently even embodied Edgar Allan Poe in the very well-received stage show NEVERMORE. STAR TREK fans are also extremely familiar with Combs, who has appeared in over 50 episodes across several series and seasons.

Simply put, Jeffrey Combs is an actor synonymous with industry acclaim as well as underground horror fervor, making him the perfect Halloween party guest!

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