Though Malcolm McDowell’s famed role as “droog” Alex DeLarge in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is not generally categorized as horror, the film is horrific to watch nonetheless. A futuristic commentary on the psychology of violence, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE — based on the novel by Anthony Burgess — is considered to be one of Stanley Kubrick’s best works, and catapulted the British McDowell (born Malcolm Taylor) into the annals of film legend. Continuing his penchant for controversial roles, McDowell also starred in Tinto Brass’s CALIGULA, infamous for its semi-pornographic nature (although McDowell later said that he felt “betrayed” by producer/pornographer Bob Guccione’s treatment of the material).

Thus attempting to escape being typecast as a psychotic villain or hedonistic tyrant, McDowell spent much of the 80s bouncing between different television roles and foreign films before landing a role in STAR TREK: GENERATIONS that seemed to turn his career around. Now a prolific voice actor as well as genre favorite, McDowell has amassed credits that include the animated SUPERMAN series (as Metallo), METALOCALYPSE, and the CALL OF DUTY video games. He also appeared alongside fellow guests Richard Brake and Jeff Daniel Phillips in Rob Zombie’s 31, as well as both of Zombie’s HALLOWEEN films.

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